Hopi Spider Grandmother: Koyangwuti

The Hopi Peoples of Arizona have a very interesting culture and legends. The Hopi claim they came from beneath the Earth and were once hel[ed by Ant people that live beneath the Earth. The Hopi call these Ant people or  some researchers think Anu maybe related to Sumerian sky deity Anu. Anu means Ant in Hopi. Naki means friends in Hopi. Annunaki means “Ant-friends” in the hopi language.

The Hopi’s emergence into the present 4th World. Spider Grandmother called Koyangwuti  caused a hollow reed to grow up into the sky, it emerged in the 4th World at the sipapu/Grand Canyon. The people then climbed up the reed into this world.

Koyangwuti was known for crafting people out of clay.  Tawa’s nephew Sotuknang and Tawa (a creator of the universe) helped her craft the humans.


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Spring’s Tantalizing Tulip

Spring has arrived even if you dwell in a cooler climate, instead of April showers you may experience an April snowfall. Be grateful anyways, the soil is thirsty and moisture is the kiss of life to our beautiful planet or ginormous, green turtle if you read the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books. I really enjoyed them and if you have some time read them. Mr. Pratchett’s books are very imaginative and fun.

There are a large number over a hundred various types from solid vibrant colors to stunning tricolor tulips, star shaped Tulips to Tulip parrot heads.

Tulip farm in Holland in Public Domain

Over a thousand years ago, Tulips were cultivated in Turkey. Later in the early seventeenth century Tulip bulbs were traded to the Dutch who made an industry which helped finance their country and become their National flower.

Hans Christian Andersen wrote an 1835 Fairy Tale about a wee sprite named Thumbelina who was birthed from a Tulip.

Postcard by Dutchgirl73’s photos on Flickr

Tulips in Dutch Flowerlore:

Once A lovely young woman had three knights competing for her hand in marriage.

The first knight gifts her a crown of fame.

The second knight gifts her a sword of power.

The third knight gifts her property and gold.

The young woman can not choose which knight to marry, so she asks the Queen of flowers to change her into a flower instead of her choosing one of the three knights.

The gracious Queen flower morphs her into a beautiful red and gold Tulip where she has a crown as a flower, the sword becomes a leaf and the gold given by the third knight transforms into a bulb.

Note: This type of Tulip mentioned by Patti Wigington is known as the Leen Van Der Mark plant it in your windowsill box or in a pot near your front door will protect your home from thieves.

Eskipaper.com Cool wallpapers

Tulips are known to aid in grounding, gratitude and strengthen a broken heart.

Practical tips for Tulips:

They may be used for beauty and relaxation by adding a few drops of Tulip essential oil to your bath water and soak for approx. twenty minutes.

DIY your own body spray with some spring water and a few drops of Tulip oil in a clean spray bottle. Next spritz on or around your body to help increase your allure and enhance your aura.

The Tulip aligns with love goddesses such as Aphrodite, Freya and Venus much like the Rose in myths.

So enjoy your Spring.

Remember to plant some Tulip bulbs in Autumn to ensure they grow up in the Spring. Tulips also look tantalizing in your favorite vase. Whatever way you choose knights or not, behold the beauty of Tulips!

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