Thursday is Thorsday!

Today is Thursday which was taken from Thorsday.
Our ancient ancestors immersed their demi-gods and astronomy into days of the week.

Major Points about Thor

*Thor represented the planet ‘Jupiter.’
*Thor is a Storm god

*He can contol Lightning, thunder and winds

*He has red hair and beard though many portray him as a blonde

* Thor is son of Woten or ‘Odin’

*Thor’s mother is the earth goddess ‘Frigg’ for Friday

*Thor’s wife is goddess of fertility, named ‘Sif.’

* Thor known for his strength

*Thor has a hammer named Mjollnir, used like a boomerang with lightning.

*Thor’s chariot is pulled by two gigantic goats

*Goats names: Tanngniost & Tanngrisnir known for their regeneration dna.

*Giants help build wall for the gods in Asgaard

*Thor final days: He fights Global Leviathon

Thor is definitely one of the most revered gods in Norse mythology.
Now that you know the roots of #FolkloreThursday Enjoy your day!

Happy Thorsday!



Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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