Freyja Norse goddess of Friday #TFIF

Did you know that our days of the week are based on Norse gods, that represent our solar system planets?

People today say TGIF without batting an eye where this saying originated.

Our ‘Fridays’ are named after the Norse goddess ‘Freyja’ or ‘Frigga’.
Here are a some Folklore Facts about this lovely goddess.

* Freyja has a brother ‘Frey’ who is the Norse god of harvest and bounty

*Freyja represents the planet ‘Venus’ which is the love planet

*Freyja is called the goddess of love & fertility

*Freyja has two large male Norse forest cats that pull her and her chariot among the clouds

*Her cats names are ‘Bygul’ and ‘Trjegul’

* She has a wild boar at her side
his name is ‘Hildisvini,’ who once was a man. The dark elves turned him into a boar according to legend

*Freyja is married to ‘Odin’ or ‘Woden’

*Together they produce their heir ‘Baldr’

*Freyja is known as an accomplished sorceress of the Norse nine worlds

*She reigns over ‘Folksvang’ in the heavens

Have a happy, healthy Friday or ‘Freyjadag!’

Remember thanks to Freyja for Fridays!
Give your cats a hug, you never know, they may help you out someday.



Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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