‘Dragon Dribble’

How much do you know about Dragons?  Here is my bit of ‘Dragon Dribble.’


‘Draco!’ Is a magical, mysterious Constellation in the heavens.
Draco, is located above the North Pole. It has fifteen stars in its’ system.
It protects the ‘Little Dipper,’ and embraces the ‘Big Dipper.’
Draco in Greek legend is noted fighting against Zeus in the great,Titan War.
Draco attacks Athena! She rails back grabs him by the tail and flings him into the night sky. Draco, perplexed finds himself wrapped around the North Pole as a decorative, constellation in the sky.
Draco is best seen in July’s night sky. Sci-fi buffs claim reptilians originate there!


It is the system Nibiru/PlanetX sleuthers say this planet is located.
So grab your telescope and keep an eye on Draco’s constellation in the Northern starry sky!

Nibiru spotted in Draco!

Some myths are modern and move forward.
Watch Skywatch Media


Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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