Tuesday is ‘Tyrsdag’- Norse god of Single Combat & Justice


Did you know the Norse god ‘Tyr’ has his own day? Tyr is the origin of Tuesday.

Tyr, is the single hand Norse god of war. His planet is Mars. Mars the ‘red planet’ has always been known as the planet of War in Roman mythology. Tyr is a god also known for justice. Tuesday or Tyrsdag just might be a good day for justice since a courtroom is a war room. Check with your astrologer or rune master first.



Points on Tyr:

  • Norse god of Tuesday
  • Norse god of War
  • Mars is his planet represents war
  • Odin, later usurps Tyr as ‘god of war’
  • Norse god of Justice since Odin usurps his former position. Tyr after losing his hand may have felt cheated and looks to justice.
  • Fenir the Wolf bites off Tyrs right hand (story found in The Younger Eddas of Sturleson ‘Binding The Wolf Fenir’
  • Tyr is now known as the god of ‘single combat’

Nyde din Tirsdag!

Enjoy your Tuesday!




Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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