A Viking Valentines Day!

You might be wondering the origin of Valentines Day? The name St. Valentine we celebrate today, is taken from a Christian saint that was martyred in the 5th Century CE. Many Roman Catholic/ Christian holidays were adopted from the ancient pagan’s feasts. originally celebrated by ancient Nordic and Celts Eurpoeans. This was a pre-Roman fertility celebration. It was called, Lupercalia derived from the female wolf named ‘Lupus’.
Legend claims, Lupus was the mother of Remus and Romulus who were the founders of Rome.

Vikings, Asatru and Feast of Vali!

Norse heathen people’s religion is ‘Asatru.’ They celebrate the ancient Feast of Vali. It is a joyous, relevant Pagan tradition. Good luck, blessings, fertility, and love including Astronomy are enjoyed. Vali, in heathen tradition, fights injustices and creates order. He strengthens and restores
honour, family, marriage and kin. Vali is the son of the god Odin and giantess Rindr. His brothers are Thor, Balder and Vidaar.
Modern Valentines Day is celebrated with love and cupids. It has morphed into a shallow, sexual, commercialized business fueling the greeting card companies, restaurants, jewellers and chocolatiers to become wealthier.

It is time for us to follow our ancient paths that guide us to deep spiritual connections to earth, stars, hearth and kin. Let’s leave the materialism behind, appreciate our loved ones and honour our ancestors.
Enjoy Viking Valentines Day!



Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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