Birthdays are Grimm!

Wilhelm Grimm was born on February 24th 1786-Dec.16 1859 (73 yrs) Would be 231 years 2/24/17
He is famous for his dark, mysterious Folktales that he wrote with his brother Jacob Grimm called the ‘Grimms’ Fairy Tales.’


Grimms’ Fairy Tales, was published first in 1812.
Wilhelm had studied law at the University of Marburg, Germany with his brother Jacob. Wilhelm suffered from a persistent illness that made him weaker than his brother. The Grimm brothers were known to have protested against the King of Hanover, Ernst August who they attested he breached the Constitution.
The Grimms’ Fairy Tales had seven editions up to 211 tales. Most of their tales were taken from German villagers and farmers who shared their stories with them and requested these tales be written as well as being shared in their native oral tradition. Grimms’ Hansel & Gretel folk tale pic below.


Many of these folkish tales were based on mysterious and macabre happenings in or near the black forest.
The Grimm brothers were criticized for their tales being too frightening for children. They changed some stories like ‘Cinderella’ from evil mother to evil stepmother to appease their critics.
Chasing and catching villans became more violent to make their storys more action packed.

The beauty of these tales are still handed down and read today. There have been movies made about them. Disney brightened the Grimm fairy tales up in their cartoons. Today you can watch the popular tv series called ‘Grimm’ based on their German folklore.



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