Spooky Spectre Floating Over Zambia!

A spooky spectre was spotted floating over Mukuba mall in Kitwe, Zambia on March 4th 2017.

Several shoppers witnessed this eerie floating apparition. It was long and greyish estimated to be 330 feet long! It was similar to the ‘Slender man’ description rather faceless and daunting yet on a much larger scale. Some shoppers compared it to J.K. Rowling’s ‘dementors,’ in her Harry Potter books. The observing crowd was perplexed. Some people actually bowed down to worship the spectre as if it was an elder god! Others watched and quickly exited to their vehicles to escape the dark sky omen. Zambians are religious, many are Christians that still show respect for their ancestors. The strange apparition made a terrifying impression on the shoppers.

Several people saw it as an omen, maybe an angry weather god? Was it a Cthulhu a mythical elder god fashioned by author H.P. Lovecraft? Many Rumors swirling around the web about the ghastly, ghost included that the spook may  have been generated by CERN? Another dimension!
New rumors say it was a huge kite! Whatever this ominous apparition was it gave these Kitwe shoppers a tale waggin fright!

Here is a video from the Kev Baker Show discussing
this eerie spectre.


Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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