Norse goddess Freyja is Freed!

The Norse goddess Freyja and her brother god Freyr was  captured by giants!


They were held as prisoners in a castle by three giants who were siblings named ‘Grep’, one was also a skald. (poet) Beli, who was named “the howler,” had helped them capture Freyja and Freyr.


Jotun-heim was a cold and dreary place where the giants dwell.
Svipdag and his stepbrother Ull vowed to rescue Freyja and Freyr from the imprisonment of the giants. Svipdag and Ull battled the storm giant and won. A safe journey was ahead for them since they were protected by the spells of Groa, until they reached the harbour castle  the Grep’s abode.

The enraged giants began to howl! Their howl was similar to beasts, it was so loud anyone would think they were storm gods.
In the courtyard Freyja and Freyr accompanied by giants met with Svipdag and Ull. Svipdag leaned over to give Freyja a kiss on her cheek. She felt the haunting coldness of forgetfulness. She had a spell of memory loss placed upon her by Beli. Freyja had a vague feeling she knew Svipdag a long time ago.


The giants had prepared a large feast in the banquet hall. There, these ferocious beasts ate hardily with one eye fixed on Svipdag and Ull, Alert, like an anxious border collie jealously guarding his sheep.
Freyr was saddened and felt shame for being captured by Beli. Freyja sat near one of the giant’s that wanted her as his bride. She felt sick and looked pale. The giant who favored Freyja attacked Svipdag, Ull suddenly jumped up and killed him then the other giants with his trusty sword.
Freyja was free at last by Svipdag and Ull! Unfortunately, Freyr her brother wouldn’t leave for his heart felt heavy with shame and he could not face the other gods of Asgard.

Freyja knew in her heart she should be happy that Svipdag had freed her. The heavy spell of forgetfulness filled her with a dark cold that pierced her soul.

Svipdag knew his journey aiding Freyja to retrieve her memory had only just begun.



Author: Nifty Buckles

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