Thor Battles The Dark Serpent

Mighty Thor, champion of Midgard,

Santify our water protectors,

Glorify our planet protectors,

with your Muscle,

with your Vigor,

It is all our Success ,

All the mighty Aesir & Vanir gods stand by your side.

Thor, slayer of Jörmungandr

The Dark Serpent threatens Midgard with its venom.

Destroyer of serpents, Hunter of dragons, Champion, Storm god, overseer of Midgard

Wield Mjolnir against those who raise the Dark Serpent.

Demolish their supplies.

Blitz their weapons.

Zap their technology.

Cause their destruction.

Dissolve their stronghold.

Attack their malice.

Zap their intentions.

Strike the dark warriors.

Slay them low.

Crush the Dark Serpent and place fear into the hearts of creatures that would follow them.

Hail Thor Defender of Midgard!



Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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