Norse Folklore of Hemp

World Hemp Day is also known as 4/20. Many of you may think of Cannabis for its healing properties.
Hemp is such a versatile plant. Today we use it for food and its Industrial uses have returned to us. Hemp is an ancient plant of the gods.


According to Norse Folklore, people who lived in Norway’s valley of Gausdal tipped their hats to greet their hemp fields.

Hemp, housed a nature spirit called a ‘Vette’ which was given the utmost respect by Norwegians.


Legend has it that hemp cloth represented the beginning and the end to the Norse people.
It is well known in history that the Vikings brought hemp seeds to Norway in the sixth century. Hemp was used for clothing a natural, durable fibre and for a stronger rope.
Hemp was also used at times for Viking’s ship sails.


Remember the many uses of hemp. Industrial Hemp is biodegradeable and could replace plastic bottles.


Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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