Litha, Pagan Celebration of The Summer Solstice

Litha is a pagan celebration of the summer solstice or Alban Heruin Held June 20th to June 23rd.

Litha is a fire festival the fire represents the sun along with its energy and life giving warmth. It is an ancient pagan ritual and celebration welcoming the sun at its’ longest day of the year. The ancient celts would light a wheel or ball of straw on fire and roll it down a hill. They also had bale fires. Fire, being magical in the pagan world, represents the sun and spiritual cleansing. A new beginning, a time of growth and prosperity.

This was in honor of their Sun god to bless  them with bountiful crops for the year.

Litha is still held today by pagans. In northern Europe where  the winters are long and cold Litha is important to them. A time to celebrate warmer days  and nights, a time to grow and gather food such as berries and pick fruit  from the fruit trees  in preparation for the long cold winters. Plants and herbs were picked for tea and magickal healing.

Some of the rituals are still held at Stonehenge as the stones represent the rising of the sun at its highest position in the wheel of the year.

Magickal rituals  include lighting a candle to for the day. Crafting a protective amulet. Another ritual is dancing and singing around a bonfire, blessings with mead. Creating flowers and flower wreaths to wear on top of their hair for men and women. Picnic feasts are popular among pagan families this time of year.

While many pagans celebrate the sun as a masculine  energy, Norse pagans saw the sun to represent Sol or Suna a Norse female goddess of the sun while her brother Mani represents the moon god.

Several Pagans marry this time of year similar with the spring Beltane. Some rededicate themselves to the lord and lady following timeless tradition.

The traditional incense for Litha is sage, lemon, rose, wisteria, mint, sunflower and basil.

Sacred gemstone for Summer solstice Litha is ruby, red like the midsummer fires.

Litha is also the time of year  the fae are very active,  remember not to step into a fairy ring.

Enjoy! the Summer Solstice all you pagans and heathens.








Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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