‘Hvítserkur’ in Icelandic Folklore

Hvítserkur: 15 m high basalt stack along the Vatnsnes peninsula in Iceland looks like a drinking dragon yet acording to Icelandic folklore it is a petrified troll.

The folklore behind this is about a ornery troll named,  Hvítserkur who resided in the caves of Mount Baejarfell, Strandir

One day the troll was unerved by the boisterous ringing of a monstrous bell in Thingeyrar.

Hvítserkur, journeyed away from his home in order to locate the consistent bell ringing. It was midwinter when he traveled to Hunafloi with his son Bardur. After a huge quarrel with his father Bardur won the arguement to travel through the fjords. 

Trolls can only travel at night and will turn into stone if exposed to the sunlight.

So the father and son journeyed through the fjords at night. Unfortunately, Bardur was smaller and was slowed down wandering through the fjords. Early dawn was fast approaching. The pair had to arrive at Vatnsness before the daylight broke. Hvítserkur began to increase his pace over the mountains. Just as the Dawn, was breaking Hvitserkur threw his hammer attempting to smash the ringing church bell at Thingeyrar. Hvítserkur missed the bell with his spiralling hammer and he quickly looked up at the rising sun and was instantly turned to stone! Sadly, Bardur had turned to stone on the beach.

Today, Hvítserkur hammer can be seen on the eastern Thingeyrarsand.


Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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