Mielikki Finnish Forest Goddess

This month Folklore women is the theme. One of the most famous goddess of Finnish folklore is of the goddess of the forest and the hunt named Mielikki. Her name Mielikki, originated from the old Finnish word mielu which means luck. She is also known by metsänemä mother of the forest. Brown bears were the most sacred of animals in Finland.

Mielikki’s husband is a Finnish forest god named, Tapio. Mielikki is the mother of Nyyrikki a female wind spirit and Tuulikki, god of cattle and the hunt. Mielikki had three other children that were forest spirits named, Annikki, Tellervo and Tuutikki.

According to Finnish legend, Ancient hunters would have to attain Mielikki’s consent to enter her forest they asked Mielikki´s permission to enter her lands. To acquire a great catch in the hunt, the hunter would praise Mielikki’s beauty and in return she would grant the hunter a successful hunt.

Mielikki is a huntress like the Roman goddes Diana. Mielikki is known to have worn a blue cape. Blue is the color of protection.

Mielikki was recognized for the protection and mending of wounded animals especially those who were caught in traps.

She would also heal chicks that fell from their nests and grouse after their tough mating rituals.

She was well skilled as an herbalist.

Several witches, shamans and those who trained in herbal magick, revered Mielikki.

Finnish lore cites that she plays a main role in the creation of the bear.

The Finnish Kalevala national epic based on Karelian folklore, the hero Lemminkäinen grants her and Tapio prayers, gold and silver so he can catch the Hiisi elk. Another passage mentions, that Mielikki is inquired to protect the cattle pasturing in the forest.

She is also offered prayers by small game hunters and gatherers of berries and mushrooms.

The Mielikki Mons, a mountain on the planet Venus, is named after her.

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Original quotes from Kalevala regarding Mielikki translated to English.

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