Irish Faerie and Leprechaun Origin

The Irish magical myth goes something like this. There once was a Gaelic tribe of supernatural gods and goddesses that created Ireland, named the Tuatha de Dannon. They fought for domination of Ireland against the Portugeuse, Milesians and lost. The Tuatha de Dannon chose to go underground, under the water and into the trees.


They broke into two groups, the Fiana who worship in the mounds and the underground group the Daoine Sidhe. Daoine Sidhe broke into two sub groups that Seelie Court that were blessed, benevolent and a bit mischievous yet known to aid humans in distress.
Pixies and Faeries are from this group.


The UnSeelie Court much more malicious, malevolent and dark. Out of this group you get your Leprechauns and dark faeries. They are known to attack lone travelers and kidnap them.
Both Seelie and Unseelie are shapeshifters that are magical and powerful!
Sadly, Underground living effected them and lack of sunlight shrunk them to little people and small faeries.


We are grateful for the magical wee folk that hide in our hills and dance basking in the full midnight moon around their faery rings.

Leprechauns greedily guard their pot of gold, others build shoes that are worn and old.
Dancing to a Celtic jig on Irish day.
Don’t get too cocky my Gaelic pal,
Leprechaun moods swiftly change twirling his Shillelagh casting an ugly spell upon lonely, strangers that stumble along an erie dark road.
Ever wandering, they never find their way home!



Author: Nifty Buckles

Sharing Folklore from around our world :)

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