Eclipse in Norse Folklore

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According to Norse folklore, wargs are the mythological wolves Fenrir, Sköll and Hati.
In the Hervarar saga, King Heidrek is asked by Gestumblindi (Odin),
What is that lamp
which lights up men,

but flame engulfs it,

and wargs grasp after it always?

Heidrek perceives the answer is the Sun, explaining,
She lights up every land and shines over all men, and Skoll and Hatti are called wargs. Those are wolves, one going before the sun, the other after the moon.
Wargs are large, dangerous wolves.
Wolves in folklore also served as a symbol for menacing anthropoid beasts. For example, Gunnr’s horse was a kenning for “wolf” on the Rök Runestone, in the Lay of Hyndla, the völva (witch) Hyndla rides a wolf and to Baldur’s funeral, the giantess Hyrrokkin arrived on a wolf.
Once the wolves gobble up the Sun and moon the end of the world will begin with the eclipse to launch  the apocalyptic event, Ragnarök.
Picture of the wolves Sköll meaning (revenge) and Hati meaning (hate) chasing Sunna (sun goddess) and Máni (moon god) public domain.
Source: Wikipedia

Dragon Magick

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped dragons and crocodiles. They created a Dragon magick that had rituals and a dragon language.

According to the authors of ‘The Book of English Magic,’ over time, dragon magick spread to Hungary then to England and across the globe.

England has its’ own dragonlore such as St. George and the dragon and the mythical, King Arthur who sports the sir name Pendragon.

Dragonlore is popular throughout Asia and dragon celebrations like the Chinese New Year. During the Chinese New Year one will see the streets lined with large colorful, dragons and fireworks.

The authors also mention that dragon magick language contains 108 runic sigils that are constant around the earth.

It is passed down verbally to kin and there are presently, no books on it.



The Book of English Magic by Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate

The Spadena Storybook House 

Samhain and Halloween are only a couple months away, yet sometimes it still feels like these magical days when one spots a spooky house such as the Spadena house which is termed a “storybook house” that definitely has a witchy design to it.

The house is located in Beverly Hills, California. Located on the corner of Walden Drive and Carmelita Avenue originally built in 1921 for dressing rooms and offices for Irvin Willat’s film studio in Culver city, it was relocated to its present location in 1934.

The converted private home, with its pointy, askew roof, Lilliputian windows and stucco siding with a vexed paint job was surrounded at the time by a lush English garden and a moat.

Spadena house was neglected for awhile and was run down a bit. Thanks to a realtor named, Michael Libow who purchased it in 1997 and renovated it over time back to its’ refreshed storybook design.

Spadena house still generates interest that attracts curious onlookers, to view the property via bus tours to snap photos of this wonderful witchy house.

 Huldufólk of Iceland


The Huldufólk of Iceland are small elf like creatures that hide under hill, rocks and trees.
They are known to cause chaos when their natural environment is threatened by today’s technology. ie. People using graters to flatten their hills. Icelandic folk have created small houses built into rocks and hills for them.

The folklore behind them has been Christianized. The tale cites the Huldufólk are the unwashed children of Adam and Eve. They were bathing their children when the Abrahamic god showed up uninvited. 

Adam and Eve, quickly hid the gritty children behind rocks and trees and eventually forgot about them altogether, leaving them to fend for themselves. They had fibbed to their Biblical god when he asked about all their children. So the Biblical god cursed their unwashed children leaving them to stay hidden forever. The Huldufólk blended with the land and never really aged due to their small size and the curse laid upon them by a tyrannical god.

Hungarian Folklore:How the Water Lilly Originated.


An old Hungarian folktale claims, that water lillies originated from a fairy queen named llona who transforms a wee fairy named Róza into a water lilly to observe the world of humans even after the fae no longer exist.
                     ~ by Nifty Buckles

Norse Berserkers

Berserkers: Norse champions that fought with a trance induced fury. Legend dictates, they could shapeshift into wolves and bears. 

In the UK the werewolf legend may have originated from the Vikings like the Berserkers who wore wolf skins and were called the “Úlfhéðnar.”
Úlfhéðnar are cited in the Völsunga saga and the Vatnsdœla saga, Haraldskvæði.

International Tiger Day 🐯

Today is #InternationalTigerDay

In India the Hindu warrior goddess Durga rides a huge tiger and battles demons.

Durga has ten arms  which makes her an excellent warrior and piggybacks her tigress apellated, Damon.

Durga is an honorable warrior goddess and is the central deity in Shaktism a tradition of Hinduism, here she balances Brahman, the concept of preeminent reality.

Picture below: Durga Mahishasura-mardini, the slayer of the buffalo demon