Lay of the Norse Gods and Heroes

Lay of the Norse Gods and Heroes

Poem by Robert E. Howard
A Texan born 1906 – 1936


Step out of the misty veil
Which darkly winds round thee;
Step out of the olden days,
Thou great Divinity!
Across thy mental vision
Passes the godly host,
That Bragi’s melodies
Made Asgard’s proudest boast.
There rise the sounds of music
From harp strings sweet and clear,
Wonderfully enchanting
To the receiving ear.
Thou wast it, thou hast carried
Sagas of northern fame,
Did’st boldly strike the harp strings
Of old skalds; just the same
Thou spann’st the bridge of Bifrost,
The pathway of the gods;-
O name the mighty heroes,
Draw pictures of the gods!


Norse goddess Freyja is Freed!

The Norse goddess Freyja and her brother god Freyr was  captured by giants!


They were held as prisoners in a castle by three giants who were siblings named ‘Grep’, one was also a skald. (poet) Beli, who was named “the howler,” had helped them capture Freyja and Freyr.


Jotun-heim was a cold and dreary place where the giants dwell.
Svipdag and his stepbrother Ull vowed to rescue Freyja and Freyr from the imprisonment of the giants. Svipdag and Ull battled the storm giant and won. A safe journey was ahead for them since they were protected by the spells of Groa, until they reached the harbour castle  the Grep’s abode.

The enraged giants began to howl! Their howl was similar to beasts, it was so loud anyone would think they were storm gods.
In the courtyard Freyja and Freyr accompanied by giants met with Svipdag and Ull. Svipdag leaned over to give Freyja a kiss on her cheek. She felt the haunting coldness of forgetfulness. She had a spell of memory loss placed upon her by Beli. Freyja had a vague feeling she knew Svipdag a long time ago.


The giants had prepared a large feast in the banquet hall. There, these ferocious beasts ate hardily with one eye fixed on Svipdag and Ull, Alert, like an anxious border collie jealously guarding his sheep.
Freyr was saddened and felt shame for being captured by Beli. Freyja sat near one of the giant’s that wanted her as his bride. She felt sick and looked pale. The giant who favored Freyja attacked Svipdag, Ull suddenly jumped up and killed him then the other giants with his trusty sword.
Freyja was free at last by Svipdag and Ull! Unfortunately, Freyr her brother wouldn’t leave for his heart felt heavy with shame and he could not face the other gods of Asgard.

Freyja knew in her heart she should be happy that Svipdag had freed her. The heavy spell of forgetfulness filled her with a dark cold that pierced her soul.

Svipdag knew his journey aiding Freyja to retrieve her memory had only just begun.


Spooky Spectre Floating Over Zambia!

A spooky spectre was spotted floating over Mukuba mall in Kitwe, Zambia on March 4th 2017.

Several shoppers witnessed this eerie floating apparition. It was long and greyish estimated to be 330 feet long! It was similar to the ‘Slender man’ description rather faceless and daunting yet on a much larger scale. Some shoppers compared it to J.K. Rowling’s ‘dementors,’ in her Harry Potter books. The observing crowd was perplexed. Some people actually bowed down to worship the spectre as if it was an elder god! Others watched and quickly exited to their vehicles to escape the dark sky omen. Zambians are religious, many are Christians that still show respect for their ancestors. The strange apparition made a terrifying impression on the shoppers.

Several people saw it as an omen, maybe an angry weather god? Was it a Cthulhu a mythical elder god fashioned by author H.P. Lovecraft? Many Rumors swirling around the web about the ghastly, ghost included that the spook may  have been generated by CERN? Another dimension!
New rumors say it was a huge kite! Whatever this ominous apparition was it gave these Kitwe shoppers a tale waggin fright!

Here is a video from the Kev Baker Show discussing
this eerie spectre.

Folklore: Old Slavic Velja Noc


Old ‘Velja Noc’ is the Slavic New Year’s Eve. Living relatives, are visited by the Spirits of the Dead! Lord of the Dead ‘Veles’, over looks the event. Veles is much like Loki the Norse trickster god.


Slavs wearing wool costumes, animal masks and horns ramble through the villages representing the dead, and a grain effigy of the Morana of the last year was burned. Jarilo and Morano are born of Perun (god of the sky) Solntse (goddess of the Sun).
Veles steals Jarilo and rears him in Virey, realm of the dead.


Feline Furlore

Feline/ Cat superstitions have been with us since ancient times. Many of these superstitions of cats are passed down to us today.

An old Catlore favorite of mine is from Italy that claims, if a cat sneezes the day before your wedding and you hear it, good fortune will find you!

If you hear my dear
a cat with a sneeze;
The day before you wed
You will be pleased!
Good fortune will embrace you like a welcoming breeze, thanks to a cat you heard with a sneeze!

Birthdays are Grimm!

Wilhelm Grimm was born on February 24th 1786-Dec.16 1859 (73 yrs) Would be 231 years 2/24/17
He is famous for his dark, mysterious Folktales that he wrote with his brother Jacob Grimm called the ‘Grimms’ Fairy Tales.’


Grimms’ Fairy Tales, was published first in 1812.
Wilhelm had studied law at the University of Marburg, Germany with his brother Jacob. Wilhelm suffered from a persistent illness that made him weaker than his brother. The Grimm brothers were known to have protested against the King of Hanover, Ernst August who they attested he breached the Constitution.
The Grimms’ Fairy Tales had seven editions up to 211 tales. Most of their tales were taken from German villagers and farmers who shared their stories with them and requested these tales be written as well as being shared in their native oral tradition. Grimms’ Hansel & Gretel folk tale pic below.


Many of these folkish tales were based on mysterious and macabre happenings in or near the black forest.
The Grimm brothers were criticized for their tales being too frightening for children. They changed some stories like ‘Cinderella’ from evil mother to evil stepmother to appease their critics.
Chasing and catching villans became more violent to make their storys more action packed.

The beauty of these tales are still handed down and read today. There have been movies made about them. Disney brightened the Grimm fairy tales up in their cartoons. Today you can watch the popular tv series called ‘Grimm’ based on their German folklore.


A Viking Valentines Day!

You might be wondering the origin of Valentines Day? The name St. Valentine we celebrate today, is taken from a Christian saint that was martyred in the 5th Century CE. Many Roman Catholic/ Christian holidays were adopted from the ancient pagan’s feasts. originally celebrated by ancient Nordic and Celts Eurpoeans. This was a pre-Roman fertility celebration. It was called, Lupercalia derived from the female wolf named ‘Lupus’.
Legend claims, Lupus was the mother of Remus and Romulus who were the founders of Rome.

Vikings, Asatru and Feast of Vali!

Norse heathen people’s religion is ‘Asatru.’ They celebrate the ancient Feast of Vali. It is a joyous, relevant Pagan tradition. Good luck, blessings, fertility, and love including Astronomy are enjoyed. Vali, in heathen tradition, fights injustices and creates order. He strengthens and restores
honour, family, marriage and kin. Vali is the son of the god Odin and giantess Rindr. His brothers are Thor, Balder and Vidaar.
Modern Valentines Day is celebrated with love and cupids. It has morphed into a shallow, sexual, commercialized business fueling the greeting card companies, restaurants, jewellers and chocolatiers to become wealthier.

It is time for us to follow our ancient paths that guide us to deep spiritual connections to earth, stars, hearth and kin. Let’s leave the materialism behind, appreciate our loved ones and honour our ancestors.
Enjoy Viking Valentines Day!