Norse goddess ‘Sol’ or Sunna has her own day Sunday 🌞

Today is Sunday/Sondag.
Did you know that our Sunday is taken from the Norse goddess ‘Sol’ or Sunna which means ‘Sun?’

The Elder Eddas written by Saemund Sigfusson and Snorri Sturluson tells the legend of how Sol and her brother Mani (he represents Monday) came about.

Legend has it that Sol who represents the sun and her brother Mani who represents the moon and Monday were both placed in the sky. Sol had her own chariot or car that was drawn by two horses. Their names are Alvak and Alvis which drive her around to give light to the world.
Her horses are cooled under their withers from a refrigerant substance called ‘Isarnkul.’


Sol is being chased by two large wolves called, Skol who chases her. The other wolf Hati goes before her  and chases the moon Mani her brother.

It is interesting that many legends and religions view the sun as masculine with its’ fiery energy and the moon as feminine and mysterious much like a woman. Ancient Norsemen saw Sol the sun as a female giving light and warmth to make plants grow in creation. They saw Mani the moon god as dark and introspective like a man. That is where we first heard about ‘The man in the Moon’ as children.


Freyja Norse goddess of Friday #TFIF

Did you know that our days of the week are based on Norse gods, that represent our solar system planets?

People today say TGIF without batting an eye where this saying originated.

Our ‘Fridays’ are named after the Norse goddess ‘Freyja’ or ‘Frigga’.
Here are a some Folklore Facts about this lovely goddess.

* Freyja has a brother ‘Frey’ who is the Norse god of harvest and bounty

*Freyja represents the planet ‘Venus’ which is the love planet

*Freyja is called the goddess of love & fertility

*Freyja has two large male Norse forest cats that pull her and her chariot among the clouds

*Her cats names are ‘Bygul’ and ‘Trjegul’

* She has a wild boar at her side
his name is ‘Hildisvini,’ who once was a man. The dark elves turned him into a boar according to legend

*Freyja is married to ‘Odin’ or ‘Woden’

*Together they produce their heir ‘Baldr’

*Freyja is known as an accomplished sorceress of the Norse nine worlds

*She reigns over ‘Folksvang’ in the heavens

Have a happy, healthy Friday or ‘Freyjadag!’

Remember thanks to Freyja for Fridays!
Give your cats a hug, you never know, they may help you out someday.


Thursday is Thorsday!

Today is Thursday which was taken from Thorsday.
Our ancient ancestors immersed their demi-gods and astronomy into days of the week.

Major Points about Thor

*Thor represented the planet ‘Jupiter.’
*Thor is a Storm god

*He can contol Lightning, thunder and winds

*He has red hair and beard though many portray him as a blonde

* Thor is son of Woten or ‘Odin’

*Thor’s mother is the earth goddess ‘Frigg’ for Friday

*Thor’s wife is goddess of fertility, named ‘Sif.’

* Thor known for his strength

*Thor has a hammer named Mjollnir, used like a boomerang with lightning.

*Thor’s chariot is pulled by two gigantic goats

*Goats names: Tanngniost & Tanngrisnir known for their regeneration dna.

*Giants help build wall for the gods in Asgaard

*Thor final days: He fights Global Leviathon

Thor is definitely one of the most revered gods in Norse mythology.
Now that you know the roots of #FolkloreThursday Enjoy your day!

Happy Thorsday!


Ode to Robert Burns Day!

Enjoy your Haggis Scotsmen!
Hang onto your Kilts, as you dance a highland fling!
Today is Robbie Burns Day it may make you want to sing!
So take my heed,
If you’re tired, rest, drink your mead and remember today is Robby Burns day! Ode to a Poet King!

Robert Burns was a Scottish Poet. He lived from 1759-1796 37 years young. He was known as Robbie Burns the Bard of Aryshire. He is known as Scotland’s National poet and lyricist.
Here is his poem ‘To a Mouse’