The Tiny Finish Tonttu of Yule

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The Tiny Finish Tonttu of Yule

Nisse (Norway) or Tonttu (Finland) is a tiny elf identified with the winter solstice & Yule season. Nisse have four fingers, has pointed ears with eyes reflecting light in the dark, like those of a cat. Nisse may accompany the Júlbock/Yule goat.

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*German and Scandinavian Legendary Creatures: Elf, Troll, Tomte, Jörmungandr, etc.

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Holda, Northern European goddess

Holda or Hulda is a Northern European goddess known also, as Mother Holle. She is a winter goddess or Snow queen. Holda, leads dead souls, all flying on brooms alongside her trusty hounds during the Wild hunt.
Folklore dictates, this wintery, goddess totes prosperity and good luck to compassionate folks and dealts out calamity to cruel, mean spirited people.
This Snow Queen is a busy nature goddess, she controls fog and snow. When Holda shakes out her feather mattress, snow falls out over the earth.

The German term “Holda-riding,” means witches’ flight or night train. Holda is loved by her followers these witches and the dead souls fly at night during the twelve nights of Christmas.

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